The Cars of tomorrow with Ford and Ravensbourne College

Remember all the movies on screen showing the world of autonomous vehicles, along with the simplicity of life that came with it. All of this is very quickly becoming a thing reality, with some big investors pushing the evolution of driving.

And with the reality of once movie depicted ideas, the Ravensbourne students take on the task of illustrating this with inspiration from the all-new Ford Fiesta. The concept for the Ravensbourne students was to project what they believe the interior of the future cars will look like, especially as we move into the world of autonomous driving.

And from this idea, three concepts were born:

Ford Fiesta Nomad (Team members: Thomas Christie, Shpend Pashtriku, Onur Celik)

Ford Fiesta Iris (Team members: Cansu Bal, Seniz Veli, Erdi Bal)

Ford Fiesta Dies Nox (Team members Vincenzo Damato, Meryl Le Fleur)



The concept of the Nomad interior is as the name would suggest, a theme envisioning the next generation of Ford being nomadic. Using the advancements of fibre optics and neuro-link technology, to help to tackle unforeseen problems in health. Unfortunate problems such as blindness and alzheimer’s are supported through the neuro-link to the body, so all can truly experience driving for themselves.

The focus is not just on the driving experience, but also the experience when the car is stationary or advancing in autonomous driving. You can literally take the Ford Nomad anywhere, whilst it takes you everywhere through an immersive 270’ experience.


Dies Nox

The designers behind the Dies Nox Ford Fiesta, put forward three interior mode, with each one allowing passengers to enjoy their travels, the way travel should be enjoyed. The usual tangible interfaces still remain, such as the retractable wheel to fully rotate the seat.

From a construction point of view the Dies Nox Fiesta strives for the use of natural materials, from using steam curved bamboo in the structural support, to the use of pineapple leather to make the seats.



The design concept around the Fiesta Iris derives from the flamboyant fashionista life, of the notorious interior designer ad fashion icon Iris Apfel. A lady who at age 95 continues embracing the youth within, has driven the inspiration of this Ford Fiesta.

Capturing that nostalgia of buying your first Fiesta, the Iris will retell the story of the driver and their legacy with Ford. The team members suggest that their future Ford will mimic Iris’s day and night personas, transforming from a seated relaxing environment to a standing Fiesta.


Three of the talented competing teams were last night chosen by Ford designers to have their visions showcased at the Ford design centre in Cologne. A final winner will then be selected and invited out to the design centre for a behind the scenes tour of the workshop and a masterclass with Ford designers. Pretty epic experience to share with the Ford team and the talented designers of Ravensbourne College.

The new Ford Fiesta is an impressive move on from its previous models, with the Vignale pioneering the luxurious side to the driving experience. For more information on the New Ford Fiesta head over to their website to discover a new Ford driving experience.