London Fashion Week Menswear Day Street Style

Callum Watt

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Menswear at London Fashion Week always brings out the best in the Capital’s chaps, and for AW 2012 they didn’t disappoint.  Accessorized from top to toe they had it all on show.  Bow ties, with neck chains were another strong trend coming through thick and fast, whilst bags of different sizes with embellishments of fox tails, and metal chains were another favourite.  For more on our London Fashion Week Menswear Day images, check out our facebook page.


  1. Maia Dobson

    I love watching Fashion Week because of the wonderful designs made by the designers. The clothing manufacturers‘ unique sense of style always grabs my attention.

  2. daniellaprice30

    These guys are so vain but you can see how fashionable they are with the fashion pieces they wear. I think it would be better if they pair their suits with breitling watches to give a striking look on their total outfit.