Clothes for Charity is a safe way to donate your clobber

Clothes for Chartiy

Clothes for Charity is a charity clothing collection service that offers a safe way of donating clothes to your favourite charity. Their secure and safe processes ensure that clothes donated reach the intended charity. The donors get confirmation email of delivery as soon as the process is completed.

“We are committed to remove all apprehensions people have about donating clothes to charity due to their previous bad experiences. Clothes for Charity offers a truly safe resource, which can ensure that people can donate using a simple and foolproof process.”

Simplicity is the USP of Clothes for Charity. Donors simply have to nominate their preferred charity, request for a secure donation bag that can be tracked, and get the old clothes picked up from a place that is convenient for them to give away their clothing collection for charity.

Clothes for Chartiy who we work with

Apart from offering a secure and safe clothes donation process, Clothes for Charity also offers a significantly higher rate per tonne. Most collection schemes in the UK offer £70 per tonne at present, whereas Clothes for Charity gives £200 per tonne. It gives charities more money to do better charity work.

It must be borne in mind that they accept only those types of clothes that can be readily reused. It means all the clothes donated must be in fairly good condition. There is a minimum weight requirement of 15 kg to be eligible for free pickup to cover the overhead costs. When people donate through Clothes for Charity, they enjoy the convenience of a secure and flexible process in which they can decide who will benefit from their donation.

The charity clothing collection service works with some of the most established charities in the UK. They include action for Kids, Arrhythmia Alliance, Brace, Centre Point, Child Life, Combat Stress, Dyslexia Research Trust, ORBIS, NKF, One Kind and many others. If a donor does not find the name of their favourite charity on the list, they will try to get them on board.

Donors are sent a confirmatory email after the bag has been received by Clothes for Charity and the bag with the barcode is scanned. People have been highly appreciative of this highly flexible and safe method of donating clothes for charity. The method is fast gaining popularity according to the spokesperson of Clothes for Charity.

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