Smaller is better as Unilever launches compressed male deodorant range

At half the size of ‘usual’ deodorant cans, Unilever has announced that all four of its men’s deodorant brands will undergo the Compressed makeover, following the successful launch of the female Compressed range in 2013.U  sing the latest in product development, each Compressed can will be reduced to half its original size but crucially will still contain the same level of product, meaning it will last just as long as regular sized aerosols.

When I first heard about this, I thought of the miniture products you get when going on holiday.  Arent these the same products I thought, but no I was wrong.  The clever chaps at Unilever really have taken a large product and made it smaller and in my opinion better.  Because the bottles are smaller mentally you take note of how much deodorant you are using.  This perhaps make me use slightly less, and the overall effect is that the products last longer.   So actually everyone from Unilever, to me the consumer and even the environment is a winner.

Paul O’Connor, Unilever brand manager said:

“The multi award-winning compressed technology is our most sustainable product innovation in recent years.  The users of Sure Men, Dove Men + Care, Lynx and Vaseline Men will now all be able to get their favourite products in a more compact can and we hope the environmental benefits, as well as the convenient small size, will be useful for our customers when on the go.”

To celebrate the launch of the new deodorants a lucky group of competition winners experienced the ‘Best Year of a Man’s Life’ compressed into one weekend. The weekend was filled with everything from a visit to Sky Sports, Lotus Cars, Six Nations Rugby Game, and 10 Pin Bowling with DJ and cocktails.

Plus a few special guests including Sky Sports News presenters Charlie Webster and Hayley McQueen joined the group bowling, as well as Comedian Matt Richardson who entertained the crowds and Jameela Jamil who partied the night away at The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town.

Have you tried the new range?  What are your thoughts?

Unilever Compressed Deodrants

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