Rain or Shine ice cream Vancouver

Ice cream is a wonderful treat. It is especially lovely when on holiday, which is when I tend to have one almost everyday.  Well that’s what holidays are for.  On my latest trip to Vancouver I was staying in the trendy suburb of Kitsilano.  This part of town is where the trend millennials hang out, and the amount of graffiti advertising different brands proves this.
Strolling along the coast, and admiring the different beaches I found a dog friendly one. This was an opportunity to sit on a log, listen to the waves and watch dog owners play fetch with their pets. Such fun.

Hankering for some ice cream now, I headed to Rain or Shine Homemade Ice Cream.  This place is famous for its selection and always has a long queue out the door. It moves pretty quickly though so don’t be put off.
Once inside you don’t have long to make your selection as you move around the counter. The sweet smell of the freshly cooked cones wafting through the air.

The staff our lovely and very accommodating. They let everyone try a little taster before making the final choice. Something I took advantage of as I tried three different flavours.

My two scoops choice made, I wandered back to the beach to finish off one of the most delicious cold treats I have had in a long time. Utterly yummy!