Hiking through Whistler in summer

The former Olympic village of Whistler is well know for its Winter activities, however it really is all year round destination.  The summer months bring hiking, cycling, running, swimming and many more outdoor pursuits on and around its famed mountain range.
We were staying at the base of the mountain, and took the 3 chair lifts up to the top of Whistler mountain.  Our plan was to reach the summit and then go on a long hike around the mountain.At the top of the mountain there is a brand new suspension bridge.  Its really high and swings slightly in the air, or maybe that was just in my imagination.  Either way after watching some kids cross the bridge whilst jumping up and down on it constantly I was spooked enough to not cross it.  So here are some images of Anabel braving it. Onwards to our hike and the beautiful scenery of Blackcomb mountain. We took the High Note Trail which was suppose to take around 3hrs. However that didn’t allow for stopping and taking in the sights, which we did a lot. I mean there is no point in rushing round the mountain and missing the wonderful flora and fauna on display. Whistler in the summer is really beautiful.  The quiet mountain air is still and crisp.  The small glacier rivers forming from the melting ice are fresh. Its almost like another world, but its mother nature at her very best. The hike took us through beautiful summer mountain scenes filled with greenery, then a complete change to dark grey rock and hard packed snow mountain scenes.  It was the first time I have ever experienced having a snowball fight whilst in shorts and a vest with the summer sun above.  It was around 30degree at the top of the mountain, and the cold snow was a lovely feeling against the skin. We walked through the snow capped peak, and onwards to our final push.  As we came to the final bend in the hike we stopped to take some more insta friendly pictures on this beautiful wooden carving.
It really was a truly breath taking hike, and one that I am glad I had the experience to take part in.  However our day wasn’t finished there.  Onward to the Peak 2 Peak gondola.  This amazing man made structure takes you from Blackcomb to Whistler mountain and is the longest stretch of free hanging gondola’s in the world (it certainly seemed it).  I have to say it was terrifying!  It is so high it is like flying above the ground below in a small plane, that’s the height it gets to.  I realised I wasn’t the only terrified one in the gondola when I turned and saw the whole carriage was silent and no one was moving around.  We were all braced, trying to enjoy the experience but in a state of fear. Whilst it sounds like a horrific experience, it was wonderful.  Im not sure I would do it again, but I am glad I did it.  To slightly calm the nerves we headed to the cocktail bar and enjoyed a lovely tequila cocktail whilst enjoying the last of the mountain sun. Cheers!

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