FOCUS ON: Ros Millar Jewellery Designer

Welcome to our first FOCUS ON post, where we have an in-depth Q&A with some of our favourite jewellery designers. The first of our posts is dedicated to Ros Millar, a young, award-winning designer originally from Northern Ireland, but working the mean streets of London now.

I meet up with Ros at IJL where she was exhibiting some of her new collection ‘Meteor’ (see below pics) to the worlds jewellery industry, and asked her a few questions to gain an insight into her wonderful mind.

Tell me something no one knows about yourself, and your brand?

I had never planned on starting up my own brand – it came with having to constantly intern and thought it would be easier to get making and selling myself then next thing I knew I was writing a business plan and everything else……. Something nobody knows about me…… favourite colours green, i made myself like olives after detesting the taste i trained my body to like them (forcing myself to eat them) and my favourite film is Homeward Bound with the talking animals.

Where do you do most of your work?
I work from my studio in Holborn. I recently received award cockpit/clear award which gave me a years free studio space and business support. An award worth £5000. This has been one of the best parts of the year and has helped me out a great deal. I try and divide up making/production in there which is harder than it sounds as i always end up making more even when i know marketing etc is just as important. This is my third studio i moved to this year – so its been a bit of a crazy year.

What’s a typical day look like for you?
Get up 8ish (not too late/not too early). Miss breakfast. wait for hammersmith and city line (from whitechapel) for too long and head to hatton garden to do my morning errands and platers and suppliers etc…. then head to studio. Usually stay until about 8.

What inspired you today?
When my alarm went off……….start of a new day to get lots of work done!!!!

Why did you create a jewellery range?
I was working for other designers and interning and it is so tough trying to get a paid job in the industry so i thought i might as well crack on and start my own collection and try and make money from that. Of course also because i am completely passionate about it. I very rarely wear other peoples jewellery as i know its important to be wearing mine at all times. One piece of jewellery that i own from another designer is from Fannie Schiavoni who i used to work for – i absolutely love her work and she taught me a lot about the industry and gave me the confidence to go start my own brand.

What’s your biggest challenge?
CASH FLOW! Its hard funding everything myself and any money that is made from the business so straight back into the business so its really tough constantly trying to push the brand forward but constantly balancing cash flow.

Thanks to Ros for the great and honest answers.  

Ros Millar

More about Ros Millar on her site, Ros Millar or Blog.
Ros Millar is available to buy now from Not Just a Label  

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