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Our second post within our ‘FOCUS ON’ jewellery designer series introduces Flavie Michou.  This gem of a lady comes from Paris originally, but honed her expertise in Lebanon.  From there she has gone on to launch her own range in the UK, and these can now be found in the hottest London spots.  I caught up with Flavie and asked her a few questions about her inspirations, and challenges over the years.
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1. Tell me something no one knows about yourself, and your brand?

I have a few secrets…no one knows that the logo within my brand is based on a tattoo I have on my left foot, I got the tattoo when I was a teenager, it’s got a strong story behind that i will keep secret for the next interview! It gave me courage, energy and power every morning when looking at it! The other secret within the trade that I am willing to give away is that in every piece I make there is an element of mystery, something unsuspecting on first glance, my jewellery is there for people to touch and investigate and you will see that every piece I make has something unique.
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2. Where do you do most of your work?
Most of my work takes place in the studio which is based in the popular Hatton Gardens but I have design ideas all the time and often carry a pad and pencil with me so I can sketch my thoughts on the move.
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3. What’s a typical day look like for you?
A typical day for me has to start with a cup of coffee, after which I reply to any emails I have received and call back clients. I meet with clients early to discuss their needs for the jewellery they need to be produced and like to do this before lunch so I can concentrate on the process of making in the afternoon. Once in the studio I put my head down and really focus on the piece I am working on, the quality and finish on the jewellery I make is really important to me, so it has to be right.
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4. What inspired you today?
Everyday brings new inspirations and the more I work within this creative industry, the more my passion grows to produce high quality pieces and the belief I can go further with my dreams.
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5. Why did you create a jewellery range?
I created a jewellery range as I wanted to put my own mark on the jewellery I make, I have made ranges that are special and significant to my own experiences and want the wearer to have their own special memories with the pieces. Creating my own ranges has allowed me to finite my skills as a jewellery designer and allowed me to express my own style within the handmade jewellery I produce. Seeing a piece that started out as an idea in my head to the finished ring on someone’s finger, is a success in itself to me.
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6. What’s your biggest challenge?
The biggest challenge I face at the moment is being recognised in an industry that is constantly evolving, you have to keep up with trends in fashion and technology but must always remain true to your individual style, this is part of my working ethos.

Thanks again to Flavie for the indepth and interesting answers.  You can check out her work on her site or Facebook page below.  

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