Grenson Shoes are pure quality

Grenson shoes, maketh the man, boots
I love a good shoe but these days you really have to hunt around to find something that bit special. So when I was introduced to Grenson, it brought a smile to my face.  The brand was started back in 1835, by William  Green who helped his mum produce men’s boots from their home.  It wasn’t until 1874 that William set up his factory really ramped up his production.
Grenson shoes, maketh the man, boots

Now based in, Queen Street, London, the factory was further enlarged and the “Grenson” brand was registered in 1913 (it was one of the first brand names ever to be registered in the UK).

Grenson shoes, maketh the man, bootsGrenson shoes, maketh the man, boots

Now available direct from their shop in Shoreditch, or from many other outlets, the brand goes from strength to strength   Still keeping its heritage, and quality workmanship in every shoe its a brand you can wear on your feet with pride.  I have to say that my Grenson Black Brogued Fred Boots, might actually be the best pair of boots I have ever owned!