Introducing Ladbrini! A Lambrini drink for men

I love seeing when a brand creates a piece of NPD that opens itself up to new audiences.  The alchol industry is a notoriously polar one that traditionally has male and female consumers on either ends of the scale, so when I heard that Lambrini was launching a sparkling party drink aimed at men I was interested.

The brand commissioned research into what modern masculine identity means in today’s society. Key findings included:

  • He loves pampering, hates plastering but he’s a dab hand at cooking.
  • 34 per cent of men admit they aren’t traditionally masculine and a quarter saying they’d like to be more butch.
  • Two thirds say they’ll never be a ‘man’s man’ and 70 per cent enjoy indulging their feminine side.
  • Other ‘male’ pursuits like survival skills seem to be dying out. So although half of all men asked said they could make a fire, only 39 per cent thought they could build their own shelter and just 26 per cent would be confident of catching their own dinner.

Now whilst the findings may not be new news to the male and female blog readers, it can often take brands some time before they can develop products to fit into the changing human needs and wants.  So whilst I take my hat off to the chaps at Lambrini, I have to give them a ticking off for the very poorly thought out ad campaign behind it.

Actors and presenters Will Mellor and Jeremy Edwards are the celebrities behind the launch, and have been photographed in a variety of ‘girlie’ poses.  Now whilst I understand that this is suppose to be tongue in cheeky, its just poor and somewhat lame creative thinking in this day and age.

Speaking about the findings, Lambrini and Ladbrini brand manager, Lorna Tweed, said:
“We have always been aware of our male Lambrini audience, and as our research shows, a large amount of men enjoy indulging their feminine side. With this in mind, men no longer need to feel embarrassed about luxuries reserved just for girls, with the research revealing women actually like a man with feminine qualities. This new breed of man can now learn to love their feminine side, in true ‘Lad-brini’ style.” 
What’s your views on this readers?  Are you a man’s man or a Ladbrini man or some other type of man yet to be found?
*The Ladbrini report was commissioned by Lambrini in March 2013 and conducted by One Poll among 2000 UK adults (18+).

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