A visit to Neptunes Grotto (Grotta di Nettuno) Alghero, Sardinia

Neptune's Grotto entrance (Grotta di Nettuno), Alghero

This summer has been brilliant.  Ive taken a few too many holidays, and so the bank manager isnt that happy with me, but boy has it been good to the soul.   One of the many highlights was the trip to Sardinia and a visit to Neptunes Grotto or Grotta di Nettuno as the locals call it.

Neptune's Grotto (Grotta di Nettuno), Alghero

This wonder of the world is about 20mins away by car or 45mins by local bus from Alghero.  We took the bus and were dropped off at the top of the cliff, and at the top of a very long walk down the side of it.

Neptune's Grotto stairs (Grotta di Nettuno), Alghero

Whilst you can also take a boat to the cave, you would miss all the steps and most importantly the view whilst you walk down it. This makes part of the trip and the adventure so I think its a must do.  There are about 800 steps, so you need to be healthy and able to walk but a normal person is more than capable.  Just bring some water, as you will need it.

Neptune's Grotto cliff (Grotta di Nettuno), Alghero

Once you reach the bottom you enter the cave and have to dodge the waves coming over the cliff lip.  A fun experience of ‘run tourist, run’ you can see the locals think as they direct you across the slipway.  Once you have paid, you enter the main cave and are blown away by the stalagmites and tights that are within it.

Neptune's Grotto cave (Grotta di Nettuno), Alghero

The tour around the cave takes about 30mins and then you are faced with those stairs again.  It is more than worth it though, as these memories will stay with anyone that visits it forever.

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