Shave an inch off your belly with Slendertone

Let’s get one thing clarified first, there is no better way to stay healthy and fit than to live an active lifestyle with a varied diet.  Those that want to really tone up and sculpture their body, typically have to put in a great deal of effort at the gym or doing some sort of physical activity.   Im a great believer in this, and try and stick to living in this way.  However, living in a big city with the crazy and busy lifestyle that comes with it means its not always possible to live like that.  So city dwellers or busy country bees often look for neat tricks or small shortcuts to keep themselves in shape.

This is were Slendertone comes in.  Ever since I heard about the ‘ab belt’ I was puzzled and mistified to what it actually did.  So I took it upon myself to find out.  Slendertone is a fabric belt that is worn around the waist.  It has three pads on the inside of the belt, and when turned on these pulse.  You can turn the intensity of the pulses to whatever you fancy (I usually went for relatively high setting), and set the timing to whatever you like.  Of course, this is not exercise as we know it but I did find something very interesting about using the ab belt.

Slendertone ab belt

Whilst you can sit about and let the belt work its wonders, its not the best way to get the most from it.  I found out that after going to the gym, cycle or swim that if I wore the belt post work out then it prolonged the ab exercising.  This definitely helped strengthen my abs and when worn over a number of weeks started to take a noticeable effect.  Now some may argue it was because I was exercising anyway, but Ive exercised all my life and know what the results typically are.  The Slendertone Ab Belt seemed to just boast and compliment my workout and I would recommend it.  Well if anything else it adds a bit of wearable tech, which everyone seems to love these days.slendertone ab belt male and female

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