Moustaches, Whiskers & Beards Book Launch at Ted Bakers Grooming Room

Moustaches, Whiskers and BeardsHaving always been fond of history I found the combination of taking a seat within one of Ted Bakers Grooming Room chairs with a cocktail in hand, the ultimate grooming experience. Only opting for a beard and moustache trim I was given countless steam towel treatments with a hint of eucalyptus, which I have to say got the sinus’ relaxed and working. The barbers at Ted Baker Grooming certainly know their stuff, as I received top quality service and treatments, including a small flame to get rid of any pesky ear hairs. On top of this, I was treated to an arm massage as well as face moisturising. At this very moment I was promptly tilted upwards and spun around to be given a very insightful speech from Lucinda Hawksley about her new book ‘Moustaches, Whiskers & Beards’ which spoke of iconic characters who sported beards and moustaches throughout the ages, from the Ancient Egyptians through to the modern day. My personal favourite is Sergeant ‘Willie’ McGregor of the Scots Fusilier Guards as he has an incredible beard very traditional of the Crimean War period. Particularly interesting as my beard has taken influences from this period of time.Ted Baker Grooming Room

I also found it fascinating how Lucinda touched on the subject of women’s involvement and influence of beards and moustaches, something often overlooked in the beard community.Ted Baker Grooming Room shaving

Always learning about the origins of the beard and moustache game I found this highly valuable and can only suggest a read to all gents wishing to expand on their facial hair trivia. This is unquestionably a book for anyone who is looking to grow a beard or just needs that inspiration from our histories heroes. I could read this book again and again and hope it finds a place in every barbers waiting lounge.Ted Baker Grooming RoomIf you’re interested in having a read up on beard history the book is available now from The National Portrait Gallery at £10.00.

By Alex Auld

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