A night of reverie with Beyond Repair Dance

Lucky guests of Beyond Repair dance company were invited to a night of reverie at the fabulous foundation bar on Langly street.  Unsure what to expect, the arty crowd were treated to champagne on arrival and ushered into the fantastic event space. The crowd consisted of everyone from choreographers, directors, producers to party planners.Beyond Repair Dance

A quirky corkscrew haired gent with googly glasses silently mingled amongst the guests peering awkwardly between people deep in conversation and silently slipping party favours into unsuspecting hands. The lights dimmed and from a back lit doorway appeared numerous performers throughout the evening.

The dance pieces were beautifully choreographed and strongly excecuted.image (3)

Beyond repair offered up an array of their diverse and creative ideas – my personal favourite being a wonderful duet performed by a couple in 1940s get up and gas masks.image

At first you could be mistaken for thinking that beyond repair dance company only work with heavily tattooed folk but in actual fact it is the work of the highly skilled team who design body art and costumes in accordance with the theme of each dance number.

The overall feel was that of a punchdrunk experience – Their creations are immersive, unusual and surprising.image (1)

Beyond repair presents concepts that are unique to the individual and they create ideas from scratch depending on your personal ideas and event plans – Their tag line is ‘nobody creates like we do’ and in the events sector I think they could be right!!!

I highly reccommend them for events of any kind be it a wedding or fashion party.