The Evolution of the Everyday Shaver – Braun Series 9

I’m not exactly blessed enough to grow a full hearty beard so with the few facial hairs I do grow successfully, I need a decent shaver to tackle them. Braun have recently launched series 9 in their shaving range, the most advanced shaver yet. I had a little peak of it at their launch in the vinyl factory, Soho.(INSERT PIC - Braun 1 - Maketh The Man)

Lovely day for a launch, with a highly decorated front yard to match. Before I press on, I firstly must say the shaver itself is really beautiful!(INSERT PIC - Braun 2 - Maketh The Man)

Like the Feng shui candles your other half asks (forces) you buy for the bathroom, the sheer beauty of the Series 9 is reason enough to add it to the decoration. But looks aside its technological factors are definitely worth the investment:

Series 9 improves your shaving experience with:

SyncroSonic Shaving head – Fully flexible new head that navigates around the face like a Triumph Daytona glides around tight bends! Inside this new top; packs two new centre blades for even the most stubborn of hairs….. At last something to tackle those annoying neck hairs!

OptiFoil – Never known foil to have any other benefits, besides wrapping up a roasting turkey. But the foil used in Braun Is a little more special than the conventional type. OptiFoil is made to cut the hairs right at the surface of your skin. Sounds quite harsh, but it really isn’t. Using it myself I can feel a much softer touch, reducing that irritation feel given by previous shavers.

Linear drive motor – This delivers 10,000 sonic micro vibrations. Translation: it will cut the hairs on your face 40,000 times, every minute! If this were a car engine, it would be a Ford GT mustang in ninja mode!(INSERT PIC - Braun 3 - Maketh The Man)

Braun has evolved the everyday shaver over the years, making the series 9 it’s best to date. I’ve used it twice so far on my chops and it has made shaving a joy once more!

Thanks Braun.

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