The Martian Premier with Fox Movies

The Martian Movie Premier Callum WattI hit the red carpet in London’s Leicester Square for The Martian, Ridley Scott and Fox Movies new mars inspired film with Matt Damon. The Martian Movie Premier tickets Callum WattThe Martian Movie Premier Callum Watt red carpetThe red carpet was a busy afair and no wonder, as the star studded cast had all turned up whilst Jim Chapman and Edith Bowman kept the crowd whipped up.Jim Chapman premierThe Martian Movie Premier Callum WattHeading into the Odeon Cinema I took my seat and await for the cast to walk on stage and say a few words with Ridley.  I have to say the movie is excellent!  Whilst the supporting cast are all excellent its really a one man show with Matt Damon shining through-out.The Martian Movie Premier Callum Watt cinemaThen it was on to the after party, and what a party it was!  I couldnt take any pictures inside the venue as all the cast and crew were in attendance and security was tight. However, I did sneak a picture of the cocktail menu which we all enjoyed.  It was great to see the stars of Hollywood enjoying a couple of drinks and mingling with everyone until the early hours.  Laughs were had, stories were shared and I cant wait to head to LA next year and catch up with the celebs again.The Martian Movie Premier Callum Watt cocktailsThe Martian Movie Premier Callum Watt after party