The Five Fitness Essentials for the New Year

December has definitely been a hectic period filled with multiple parties, finished off with a heap of Christmas turkey to plough through in the last two weeks of the year.

Now January looms near we’re all having the exact thought run through our minds, as to where we’re going to get back in shape and how exactly we’re going to do it.

Dry January is obviously step 1, followed by a shiny new gym membership of course. But despite having those two fundamental steps in place, you’re going to need a few more things in order to give you the motivation! Being a big lover of fitness and health myself, I’ve pulled out the five things I’ll be using to help me get the fitness back on form.


Maketh-the-man-fitness-monster-adistar1 Adistar wireless headphones by Monster

There’s nothing better than having your tunes playing whilst in the gym. What better way to do it then with two of my favourite brands rolled into one. Monster who for years produced some incredible audio equipment, have teamed up with Adidas to bring you sporting excellence with pure monster sound.  Thanks to the Adistar’s superior noise isolation you can say goodbye to the rubbish gym music but most importantly, the dreaded yells and groans of other gym goers lifting weights, they clearly can’t manage.

Maketh-the-man-fitness-Nike-Flyknits2 Nike Fly Knits

In my opinion these will be the most comfortable sneakers to ever grace your feet. On the sole you’ll find a well cushioned layering, to absorb the shocks from the road. On the top layer is the knitted top giving you maximum comfort, as well if you’re keen on running or just hit it hard in the gym, I would recommend popping a pair of these on your feet. There’s multiple versions of fly knit’s available, so check out Nike to make sure you get the ones for you. Mine are the Flyknit racers as I like a good sprint, but the Flyknit 4.0 are just as good!


Maketh-the-man-fitness-Apple-Watch3 Apple Watch

I bought one of these during my travels in California and I haven’t looked back since. I said to myself if you haven’t got three reasons to use this constantly, it’s a complete waste of money. Within the first week of using it, I found 5 reasons. From a fitness point of view, the Apple watch is crammed with so much to motivate you forward. Built in is a heart rate sensor, which links with the number of calories you’re burning per day. There’s also an accelerometer inside to measure your movement and length of time you’re stood up in the day, with timely prompts to remind you to keep active. Not only do you get all that included, but there’s also the ability to control your phone camera, make phone call s and use external fitness apps such a Strava.


Maketh-the-man-fitness-Descente-Medicine-ball4 Descente medicine balls

Descente is a Japanese brand that specialises in all things active. From Skiing to golf, Descente have you r back covered. Their fitness accessories are one to also take into consideration, especially their medicine ball. Easy to pack away and sturdy enough to handle the many workout methods you will be using it for.


Maketh-the-man-fitness-USN-Protein-range5 USN Protein Range

I’ve trained on USN for many years, seeing nothing but positive results. The USN range comes in all shapes and sizes, from protein bars to rolled oats, not forgetting the protein shake formula itself. After all of your efforts in and out of the gym, there’s no doubt you’re going to need some of this to give you the key elements to grow.

Now prepare yourself for the New Year right. It’s time to be the one with all the gear but all the ideas as well!

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