Team Maketh Spring Fitness Picks – Speedo & Technogym

Yes it’s still pretty cold outside, which is probably stopping you from hitting the gym as often as you want (that’s the excuse I’m hearing from people).
But spring is soon on its way and before those summer holidays arrive, I’m sure you will want to get the body back into its former glory! I am a massive cycling addict but whilst I am without a bike, I’ve decided to take on a couple new fitness regimes lately.

I’ve spent a lot of time hitting the weights and shredding the bike, gaining a good physique level in the end. But a solid frame sometimes won’t always cut it.
My training partner is a NFL quarterback, who reminded me that a good cardio is essential (especially if you’re aiming to bulk the muscle mass up).
The new activities I’m taking on this spring is more running and swimming. These are both two types of exercise that really work the cardio levels and help you shed any unnecessary weight.
Running can be outdoor or indoor thing, depending on your fancy. But for the indoor job, say hello to the MyRun from the notorious makers at Technogym.

Maketh-the-man-MY RUN TECHNOGYM INTERFACEThis is a treadmill created by people who are runners themselves. Complete with personal training programmes and instant running feedback info, such as running alignment and pace. This has to be my favourite feature, being a runner who does not keep in a straight line. The gait analysis allows you to track your lateral and vertical displacement as well as stride length and pattern as you are running so you can improve your technique and performance

iPad Retina GUI PSD
iPad Retina GUI PSD

Now when it comes to swimming you’re obviously going to need a gym membership of some sort, unless you’re lucky enough to have a pool built underground in your home (one can dream. The legends that are Speedo provided me with an awesome swimming kit, to get myself started. The Aquapulse Max goggles are especially a great accessory to have if you do frequently swim. Their 3D seal technology means they’re completely leakproof, leaving you with a little more peace of mind as you commit to the dive.
So along with the kit Speedo also dropped me a fitness regime to follow each time i hit the water. Quite ideal to have one actually, as all i’d probably do is paddle around for a few mins, then think i am done for the day (as i said cycling is my specialty). But with the help of Speedo, i can give the body a proper swimming course.


I recommend giving it a bit of a go yourselves if you’re in search for a new fitness activity to get after.

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