Charles Farris Candles

If you have a minimal interior lifestyle like myself, a candle can be a great addition when adding a finishing touch to anyone’s pad. They can give any room in any house a focus point and not only set the atmosphere with a nice, rich, ambient glow but really set off the air with a marvellous smell.

That’s why it’s important to know what goes into a candle in terms of the formula. What I mean by this is you want just as much extract smell added into the candle as you do wax. A lit candle looks great but can be twice as effective for guests and yourself when you can smell the true ingredients. Charles Farris candle box

I couldn’t resist putting the Charles Farris London candle company to the test. They have a story that goes back to 1845 when Charles Farris created and supplied various candles for many of Britain’s most prestigious buildings. These architectural wonders included Westminster Abbey and St Paul’s Cathedral, not to mention making candles for her royal majesty the Queen. This historic brand has refined over 170 years a well crafted, premium range of candles. If you’re like me and are always wanting to bring the rich forest smells inside your house, then this candle will be perfect for you! Set with a deep, smoky aroma of cedar, topped with tones of leather and birch, then offset by fresh moss and amber. If that doesn’t have your senses unblocked and making you feel relaxed then there is no candle for you I’m afraid!  Charles Farris offer traditional burn candles as well as reed diffusers which makes them specifically great for long lasting at home, but also so you can choose the style that works best for you.Charles Farris

Charles Farris has combined traditional techniques learnt over the years, along with working with the great master blenders to create the rich and unique scent that one strives for in there home to give that individual character and welcoming fragrance. This of course compared to most candles has got its own stylish look in an artisan hand-finished blue ocean glass.

A lot of the time people do worry about not getting enough burn for their money when it comes to candles in general. This candle’s burn limit is up to 40 hours, which is a lot especially if you’re a candle bathing maniac. I must admit I find myself buying more candles as I get older.Charles Farris candle

Whether you are buying a candle for yourself, or perhaps struggling to find someone that perfect housewarming gift, then head over to Charles Farris to see the full range.

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