3 Ways to Style Your Timberland Premium Boots

The cold chill of London is here, with no intention of retreating anytime soon. And as the days get cold and the nights get colder, it’s time to get your feet fully equipped for all the weather can throw at you.

Time to turn to the boots that withstand virtually all the elements; the Timberland 6 inch premium boots. This is the boot where the Timberland legacy was spawned from, virtually over 30 years ago.

In the past its uses were of the more for the manual labour based lifestyle, but the Timberland 6 inch Premium Boots, have evolved beyond this in a big way. Gone are the days of only donning these boots when you’re dealing with heavy goods, or entering the building site. I’m going to show you how I like to style my Timberland Premium Boots

maketh-the-man-timberland-6inch-premium-boots-levis-slim-fit-jeans-kickSlim Fit Jeans

Denim is always the better choice of bottoms to wear, simply because they keep the cold out better than anything else. The benefit to the slim fit jeans is depending on where you buy them from, these can easily fold and overlap the Timberland 6 inch Premium Boots. Try the Levis 511 jeans as their fit block means they sit well on the thighs, but leave enough leg room (pun intended) from the knee down to compliment your Timberlands.

maketh-the-man-timberland-6inch-premium-boots-levis-slim-fit-jeans-close-upAs they’re in black the dark wash denim will serve you well, but you can easily switch to the lighter was, as the black Timberland 6 inch Premium Boots are so easy to wear.


Skinny Joggers

An outfit choice I picked up whilst trekking the streets of Williamsburg, New York. Don’t think for one second that this combination will let you down as in a matter of fact, you won’t find a more comfortable and trendy look. Joggers have had a massive renaissance in the last two or so years, which bodes well when it comes to the Timberland 6 inch Premium Boots, as you blend the new age trends with these iconic boots.


maketh-the-man-timberland-6inch-premium-boots-skinny-jogger-look-benchedFor the Black Timberland boots it is only right to go for the all black everything look, with some black skinny joggers and the black parka and hat to match.

 Skinny Jeans

We’ve done the slim fitted jeans, now it’s time to go the next level and don the skinny jeans. Don’t let the leg to shoe ratio stop you here, as the chunkiness of the Timberland 6 inch Premium Boots rock well with the skinny silhouette created by your jeans.

maketh-the-man-timberland-6inch-premium-boots-topman-skinny-jeans-seatedThere’s so many skinny jean brands out there so take your pick and see what goes well but for us, it is all about the notorious Topman Skinny jeans. These Topman Black Skinnies are the go to jeans for the trend conscious, with a perfect fit from waist to thigh. And to make it better, they come in a variety of colours to mix and match to make your Timberland 6 inch Premium Boots look just right!

maketh-the-man-timberland-6inch-premium-boots-topman-skinny-jeans-jumpSo there you have it, three styles and three easy ways to boss your Timberland 6 inch Premium Boots on street. To get your pair before Christmas, head online to FootAsylum now, to get booted up. And if you’re worried about timing fear not, as £1 Next delivery is there waiting for you, so hurry up!


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