Tame Your Sensitivity with Bulldog Sensitive Skincare

Being sensitive in terms emotions is okay and nobody will judge you for it. But when it comes to sensitive skin, it can sometimes be you judging yourself than others.

It’s been made apparent that 71% of men claim to have had sensitive skin in the past. The common signs of sensitive skin tend to be, irritation, redness, dryness or tightness (particularly around the colder periods of the year).

Maketh-the-man-Anton-Welcome-Bulldog-sensitive-skincare-collectionBut once again Bulldog Skincare comes to the rescue of man with a range of fragrance free, sensitive skincare designed to fight the war against skin irritation and calm sensitive skin.

How do they do it you might be thinking, as we were thinking the very same. In a nutshell there are several ingredients involved, Baobab oil, oat oil and Canadian willow herb. Within the Bulldog sensitive skincare range you will find sensitive shave cream, shave gel, aftershave balm, face wash and moisturiser. As a gentleman who avoids the clean shave we focus primarily on their face wash, moisturiser and shave gel (the shave gel helps for a short shave).

Foaming Sensitive Shave Gel (RRP £5.00 200ml)
Foaming Sensitive Shave Gel (RRP £5.00 200ml)

Sensitive Shave Gel – I’ve initially used this just to smooth the face up, before I let the blades hit my skin. Softening up the hairs on the face is definitely advisable, especially if your hair is coarser than usual. From the first try of the Bulldog sensitive have gel, there’s definitely a real difference instantly in the feel of my face. You firstly don’t get that desert dry feeling you get with other shaving gels out there, which is already a tick in the box for me (and the smell isn’t too bad either).

Sensitive Face Wash (RRP £4.50 150ml)
Sensitive Face Wash (RRP £4.50 150ml)

Face Wash – Just because you’re not shaving your face bare, doesn’t mean it doesn’t need a good rinse off to avoid sensitivity. Giving your skin its daily dose is always recommended, as it allows your pores to be free to breathe properly and keep you with your healthy radiance. So take away all that the day has thrown at you with more of the non-stripping feeling, with the sensitive face wash from Bulldog Skincare.

Sensitive Moisturiser (RRP £6.00 100ml)
Sensitive Moisturiser (RRP £6.00 100ml)

Sensitive Moisturiser – My skin is literally like a moisture sponge when it comes to hydration, so I am always keeping a bottle of moisturiser at hand for face. We may be slowly drifting out of the harsh winters (I say that very loosely, given the recent hurricanes and downpours in London) but this doesn’t mean that our skin must be given a break of its daily dose of re-hydration. The sensitive moisturiser from Bulldog Skincare is definitely the one in my opinion. Unlike other moisturisers Bulldog’s sensitive moisturiser hydrates your skin, with you left feeling like someone threw a pot of butter at you.

So if you’re like me and need to keep sensitive skin at bay, I recommend giving Bulldogs range a try and see if it won’t change the way you rejuvenate your face.

Maketh-the-man-Anton-Welcome-Bulldog-sensitive-skincare-setFor more of Bulldog Sensitive Skincare range, head over to their website for more ways to tame sensitivity.

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