Guinness Celebrates 120 Years of John Gilroy Artwork

It was 120 years ago (way before my time I know) when a significant artist was born. But little did he know, that his iconic artwork would be signature to one of the most iconic stouts in the world.

John Gilroy spent almost four decades bringing the world eye catching campaigns which not only put our favourite Guinness on the map as one of the most iconic brand advertisers going, but also changed the way advertising positioned itself.

I can recall my younger years (a long time now) of seeing the iconic artwork of John Gilroy on billboards across the city. And now the nostalgia of John Gilroy’s work returns once again.

In keeping with the original stylings Guinness have recently released limited edition cans, proudly displaying the delightful work of art by John Gilroy. All will be placed upon white background, which is rather unusual when you consider Guinness is known for being the black stuff (but we like the contrast).

The legendary campaign “My Goodness, MY GUINNESS” still remains to be one of the world’s longest running campaigns in history ever, featuring the hapless zoo keeper (a resemblance of John Gilroy himself) and the famous Guinness toucan design we all remember so well. For those old enough to remember, will agree that anytime a toucan was spotted it immediately reminded you of the famous black stuff.

We think you’ll all agree that the artwork placed on the limited edition cans is pretty cool

The new limited edition John Gilroy cans will be available in multi packs, across all major retailers in the UK from November 1st.

Keep an eye out for them or for more information, head over to Guinness website