Clinique for Men launches its Super Energizer Skincare system

Admittedly the title of this post sounds like I’m here to talk about a new robotic programme that Clinique have got themselves involved in but, it’s in fact a little more scientific then that.

The energizer system in question is a new skincare system developed by Clinique, to help support that guy with the rather hectic lifestyle. I don’t just speak for myself when I say this one. But the combination of a lack of sleep, pollution, bacteria, temperature change and everything else, gives our poor skin quite the daily sparring session. And that is what Clinique have taken into consideration, when putting together their new super energizer skincare system.

Three key skincare products have been put together by Clinique to make the energizer range, aiding the hectic lifestyle of today’s man about town; their anti-fatigue hydrating concentrate, exfoliating powder cleanser and eye gel.

Clinique for Men Super Energizer Anti-Fatigue Hydrating Concentrate SPF 40

Every daily skincare regime needs a good hydrator in the mix, especially one that helps combat fatigue and the signs of aging. Clinique put in creatine, adenosine phosphate and caffeine, to give the skin a supply of energy boosting ingredients. Three washes in and the face is alive and kicking and stays so for 12 continuous hours.

Its relatively lightweight, quick absorbing and thankfully, not the oil slick formula that some others are like. The other factor to this energizer is its anti-oxidants and pollution shield. Visible correction and a well-rested look are what Clinique guarantee. So far so good from my point of view, but I still have a few more uses to be fully convinced.


Clinique for Men Super Energizer Anti-Fatigue Exfoliating Powder Cleanser

A rather long worded title we must say, but each and every word is pretty accurate. Before you hydrate, you must cleanse your face (I don’t need to teach you to suck eggs gentlemen). The dual-function powder cleanser is not only good for cleansing your face, but it also doubles up as a gentle exfoliation product as well. Not too bad Clinique, not too bad!

Rich and foamy face wash that thankfully doesn’t leave one’s skin feeling dryer than sandpaper after rinsing off. Conveniently I’ve had a slight breakout and this exfoliating powder cleanser came into my life at the right time. A couple weeks in use and we’re getting back on track to be a little more rid of the old breakout (phew!).


Clinique For Men Super Energizer Anto-Fatigue Eye Gel

Las but not least, comes the product most of us gents tend to add to our regime, the eye gel. In my previous skincare set, I’d just started to properly get into the use of eye gel, just to see how it dealt with the under-eye area. If you’re someone that doesn’t sleep very much, there’s no doubt that you will be suffering from a slight puffiness under the eye region.

The Clinique eye gel is now the third eye skincare product I’ve come across and its doing a pretty good job. A good level of puffiness reduction and cooling hits the under eye are pretty fast, whilst making me look like I’ve had a deep reviving sleep. If you have that heavy warm feeling under your eye’s chances are your eyes are not getting the rest they truly need, but a good eye roll will help to keep them cool and bright.


The powder cleanser is priced at £22.50, the hydrating concentrate £40 and the anti-fatigue eye gel for £26, so all in all you’ve got yourself a £88.50 spend, which should easily hold you for over a month or so of use. Not a bad price considering some other brand products on the market, with quite a generous level of skin rejuvenating ingredients in the mix. All is now out in the market to get your hands on so why not make this a good time to energize your skincare range over autumn/winter.

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