Canyon 3 in 1 Charging Station – Hands on

We were recently sent over a new 3 in 1 wireless charging station by the tech brand Canyon and we have a few things to say about it in todays overview. We’ve come across a few charging stations over the years, as the race for good QI charging tech has grown continuously. But it’s always nice when you come across one that actually does what it says on the tin.

Canyon_3 in 1_charging_station-charging_2_devices

The Canyon 3 in 1 is firstly named this way because it gives users the option to charge 3 devices at once. Conventionally from its design, those 3 devices would be a phone, watch and some headphones (as that seems to be the holy grail of on-the-go tech devices most people have equipped with them day to day).

Key Canyon 3 in 1 Features:

  • Fast charge support
  • Charges 3 devices simultaneously
  • Smart chipset Nuvoton
  • Anti-slip rubber-coated base
  • 7mm charging distance to charge without removing the phone case
  • Touch button for the backlight control
  • LED indicator and backlight
  • 4 types of protection: OCP / OVP / OTP / FOD
  • Effective charging distance ≤7mm
  • Type-C cable 1.2 m included (max 3A)
Canyon_3 in 1_charging_station-charging

The Canyon 3 in 1 charging station itself is catered to Apple devices, in terms of shape and charging spots but QI charging is QI charging, which means other devices won’t be denied if you place them down (maybe in relation to phones, but cannot speak for different smart watches or wireless headphone cases).

The lighting in the device is a nice addition, which turns on or off at the press of a button on the front. However whilst it is a nice to have, it’s just that. Thankfully you can turn it off when you don’t want to use it, otherwise it becomes annoying in the night if placed where you sleep.

Canyon_3 in 1_charging_station-light

Another thing to consider is that although the charging station is designed to house an iPhone, apple watch and Airpods case. But with that being said if you position another iPhone correctly, you can charge it in the same spot meant for the Airpods (tried ourselves with an iPhone SE and no charging challenges.

All in all, we’re pleasantly pleased with the Canyon 3 in 1 charging station as finally, we’ve come across a multi charging station that charges in good speed and doesn’t give you positioning trouble when placing your devices down.

Want a good charging station that will charge what you need all in one? Then the Canyon 3 in 1 is going to be one to consider.

You can find yourself a Canyon 3 in 1 charging station, over on Game for £30.99 (as of 27th January 2024).

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