Hooters Cancun in Mexico is a great sports bar

Hooters Cancun

In Britain there seems to be a real sterotype about the American sports bar chain Hooters.  For some reason we think its a ‘pervy’ thing to go to this establishment, which might explain why there is only one of them in the UK at Hooters Nottingham.  However, on a trip to Cancun recently my friend and I decided we would visit Hooters Cancun and see what all the fuss was about.

Surprised was our initial impression.  We were greeted by a friendly girl on entry to the bar and shown to our table.  Our waitress then presented herself and took us through the menu, its specials and described the different sports we could watch on the multiple screens around the bar.  Looking around we could see that the mass majority of people in the bar were not old pervy men, but a real mix of clientèle from young and old couples on dates to families with kids, and a group of American girls supporting their local American football team (whose game was being screened on TV). So far so good, but what about the food and drinks.Hooters Cancun chicken wings

Hooters Cancun cheesecake

Well again to our surprise the cocktails on offer from the bar were great, and plentiful.  We even timed it well and made happy hour so enjoyed a free one ‘on the house’.  The menu was full of pretty standard American food from burgers, to ribs and the Hooters famous chicken wings.  I went for the wings and banana cheesecake as dessert to finish.  The wings were some of the best I have ever had!  I over ordered though and went for 20, when all you really need is 10 plus some fries to share.  So leaving some room for the cheesecake I got stuck into the sweet treat, which again was really tasty.

Hooters Cancun

Whilst we ate and drank in the bar, we watched everything from USA College football to UFC cage fighting and some Spanish football.  Everyone around us seemed to be doing the same as well, with tourists and locals enjoying everything on show.  So my findings on Hooters Cancun is one of surprise. Its not the pervy bar that its made out to be at all. Its first a sports bar serving good American food and drink, second a destination for tourists and locals to watch lots of different international sports and thirdly a place with great service (with of course some hot girls).

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