Yardley London 1770 & Rhodium

A new Spring can only mean one thing…weddings! Whether you’re hosting or attending, I have a few of them lined up this year! Now I pretty much have the suit sorted and the shoes polished, but what about the little things? Yep you go through all the effort and forget to refine the small things that make all the difference. One of these undoubtedly is the scent you have chosen to solely reflect yourself at a grand celebration. People often tend to forget that a fragrance can tell you a little bit about ones character, subtle and shy scents vs brash adventurous smells that instantly give you a statement when attending a wedding. It can lay the foundation for your entrance before you have even gazed around the ceremony room or even spoken to the first of many guests.IMG1

Luckily for you I have two fragrances in mind that will be unquestionably suited for you whether you’re attending either as a couple or perhaps venturing out alone. Yardley London is a famous purveyor of luxury fragrances and scented soaps. Before I dive straight into my selection let me enlighten you with a little history to this brand and why when asked at the wedding what is the smell you’re wearing you’ll be able to answer with pride and wisdom.IMG2

Yardley London have produced defined fragrances over 400 years, with the House of Yardley being created in the mid seventeenth century. A century later, Yardley London was established, with the Cleaver family creating the soap and fragrance company we know today. Nowadays, Yardley London prides itself on luxury and tradition, embracing its rich heritage with pride.IMG3

Yardley London 1770

Of the two scents I tested, I found this fragrance to be the lighter scent and probably the more appropriate to most. It’s extremely subtle to the smell but yet has a sophisticated feel to it. It ropes you in closer and closer once you get a first alluring smell of it. A rich, woody amber fragrance with hints of citrus, fig and spiced black pepper offset by a wonderful mix of florals, coco bean and musky moss.IMG4

Yardley Rhodium

If you are feeling bolder then most then this scent is for you. A more masculine smell packed with some marvellous ingredients, two being apple and bergamot. The heart of the scent is built around lavender and spicy rose.

If you have wedding coming up this summer and want to try a new scent then head over to Yardley London to find the right fragrance for you.

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