Even Bloggers go on Holiday – Queensland, Australia

It may be a long way away from anywhere else in the world but Australia is one of the most beautiful countries/continents ever. Should you be aiming to voyage out to this beloved part of Oceania, make sure you visit as much of it as you can!

We started our journey in Queensland, located on the north east side of Australia. We ventured as much as possible to give you a few tips on some key hotspots to check out in your travels.

 Brisbane city

It is after all the capital of Queensland and such a cool city to be in. From the cool walks across the Southbank, chill downs in the botanical gardens, to a view of the Brisbane city skyline from the top of Mt Coo-tha. There’s a ton of things to discover in Brisbane, waiting to be explored, including the vast spread of restaurants boasting its mass food culture.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf you’re into your beers the Newstead brewery is the place to go. Head down to Doggett st in the city, for 12 awesome brews on tap as well as some awesome classic food to choose from.

sdrWe also recommend driving around the city as outside of the city walls, everything is a little bit of a distance apart from each other.

Beware of the Tolls!!! They don’t really tell you much about them, only until you get stung by them at the 11th hour. If you’re renting a car, be sure to sign up to govia and register the car ASAP, otherwise you may get stung by the admin charges of your rental company!


Journey far enough down the south of Queensland and you will soon discover the famous Gold Coast of Australia. Just south of Brisbane east coast, prepare for vast reaches of golden sandy beaches, as well as some of the best surfing spots around. If you also get the time down there, why not head over to their Sea World theme park, or the Lamington National Park to see the mountain ridges and valleys.





For the sake of my betters half wish to revel in some childhood nostalgia, we took ourselves to the notorious Australian zoo. Owned by the late Steve Irwin the Australia zoo holds some of the world’s most exotic wildlife, including an abundance of magnificent looking (and not so violent) Kangaroo’s.

The Australia zoo is every part the passion for wildlife Steve Irwin showed so often, with his family still running the zoo themselves. Fortunately the show with the crocodiles was demonstrated by Steve Irwin’s son Robert, in celebration of his 13th birthday.


Another part of Queensland, Australia that screams, complete and utter beauty the moment you arrive from the long highway stretch. This will be a journey that will conclude with beautiful beach resorts, epic surf spots and more of those great sandy beaches you’ll be craving.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATo add to the beauty of the sunshine coast, head a little further up the coast and you will be in Noosa Heads, the playground to the rich Australians. Amazing sand dunes, beautiful marinas and an incredible view of it all, from the top of the Laguna point lookout.



Quick pit stop on the way back to Brisbane city, why not head to the pretty little town of Montville. It’s very much an old town with cool boutique shops and candy stores, who like making handmade fudge in multiple flavours.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWalk a little further to the edge of town, for the most incredible view of the valleys of Montville. Acres upon acres of beautiful Australian Greenland, as far as the eyes can see. Perfect photo moment for those enthusiast behind the lens.


If ever your journeys take you out to this part of Australia, be sure to check out some of the locations we have and tell us what you think. Happy travels!

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