The Slow Jo watch by Slow Watches

I love a watch that has something about its design that can spark up a conversation. The Slow Jo
certainly has that going for it. Although unassuming at first glance something looks a little strange
and upon paying more attention you can see this is not your usual watch.Slow_jo_watch_
The Slow Jo arrives in rather minimalist packaging, which I really like, and appears to be missing the minute hand having only one hand on the watch face (apparently it has all the hands they are just hidden, sneaky!). However you only need the one hand as the face is segment ed into 15 minute intervals and one revolution take 24 hours, therefore running at half the speed of a normal watch.slow_jo_watch_
Now you may think that this makes the time harder to read on the watch, well that is true if you
want to know the time to the specific minute. However this is where the real beauty of the design
lies for me, and why I love this watch so much. Do you really need to know if it 12.03 or 12.07? I’ll
answer that for you, no, no you don’t!slow_jo_watch_
The makers say that the idea behind this is to remind you that time is precious and that you should
make time to enjoy what you like. The watch is designed to remind you of this every time you look
at it. I love this idea and philosophy and honestly, it works! While at work or out and about people
are always asking me about it, and it always leads to great conversations and I love that.
Yes sometimes you do need to know the exact time, I get that, but in this day and age there is always your phone for that, and when is anyone ever without that nowadays. Slow down, enjoy your time and don’t stress about every minute. That’s the slow way and I love it!