The Age of Discovery at The Beaufort Bar

There was a rumour flying around of there being a cocktail forged from an aged barrel, which voyaged across the world whilst ageing a heavenly nectar. In the midst trekking around the bars of London to investigate further, we eventually discovered that such a thing was no rumour at all.

The Savoy’s Beaufort bar holds age of discovery behind its bars, with its incredible spirit of exploration hard coded into the DNA of its blend.

A little history on the age of discovery. It was matured in a hand chosen, 300 litre Jack Daniels barrel on board the Queen Mary 2, whilst on its 41,000 nautical mile journey, 4 month voyage.

Maketh-the-man-jack-daniels-age-of-discovery-queen-mary-barrelHaving travelled on board the Cunard’s flagship Queen Mary 2, the cocktail returned to The Savoy, where it was mixed, sealed and bonded for its world voyage many months ago. The taste expresses the aromas of all the continents the Queen Mary journeyed to, from Europe, Asia, Africa, the Americas and Oceania.

Maketh-the-man-jack-daniels-age-of-discovery-CREDIT 2From a price point of view enjoying the moment will come at a staggering £90. What you get for this fee is a serving in a custom-made glass with a magnified base, atop a map board showing the journey and temperatures the barrel endured through its long journey around the world.

Maketh-the-man-jack-daniels-age-of-discover-queen-mary-barrel-bottleIf you’re still not struck down by the hefty price of the cocktail, you can go further and obtain a collectors version. There is a limited edition bottle available to take home (priced at £350) in The Savoy Collection, the fortress

Two world renowned brands have come together to bring us the Age of Discovery, which we suggest trying out, if money is no object for something as rare at this.