Your Gym Heroes with Bulldog Grooming Essentials

Yes 2017 is finally here and in full swing already. And as it is January there is no doubt you’re all in mid process of working away that post-Christmas mass gain.

As you lunge every gym walkway, bicep curl each dumbbell and bench press to oblivion, your phoenix of determination within you will soon rise from its ashes to give you the dexterity to see through the months.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHopefully your new gym regime is not just a January fling, to relinquish any guilt you have about December. And if it isn’t then ensure that your post-gym grooming regime is also not just a January fling, so you continue looking like the fresh gentlemen you deserve to be called.

For our post gym grooming session we turn to Bulldog skincare and their selection of gym heroes available.


Our Shower Saviour

If you’ve worked hard enough, the sweat will come with it. It doesn’t smell of roses and it won’t attract the opposite sex like bees to honey, so it’s time to hit the showers before you get out that gym.

Bull Dog original Shower Gel
Bull Dog original Shower Gel

The Bulldog original shower gel is packed with some aloe vera and menthol, which should be more than enough to make you smell more like a human being and less like zombie. Using the original shower gel is a way more luxurious way to wash off those sweaty sins, than the conventional (and boring) blue/green gel we’re used to scrubbing ourselves with.

Exfoliation workout

Make sure that hard session is washed away well with a little quick exfoliation for the face. It may not be the manliest thing you will do in the morning, but exfoliation is a great way to get rid of dead dry skin and keep you pores unclogged.

Bull Dog Oil Control Face Scrub
Bull Dog Oil Control Face Scrub

The oil control face scrub from Bulldog is filled with fresh ingredients like hazel, willow bark and juniper which are fused with blended with purifying charcoal to both exfoliate and balance the skin.

Spot Punisher

All that sweat we build up in our workouts is an obvious way of showing you’ve gone hard in the gym yes….. But with all of that sweat comes bacteria, which thrives on you whilst you sweat, resulting in a few spots here or there showing up.

Bull Dog Oil Control Blemish Targeter
Bull Dog Oil Control Blemish Targeter

Bulldog have their oil control blemish targeter to your aid, in order to help fight those blemishes. Packed with glycolic acid with a firm dash of witch hazel, watch as you both collaboratively work your way to minimising the blemishes on your skin, keeping you smooth to the touch.

The Moisture Recovery

Once you’ve finished gulping down your protein shakes and popping your vitamin pills, it’s time for the final recovery stage to happen.

Bull Dog Original Moisturiser
Bull Dog Original Moisturiser

Being in the shower for so long exfoliating and blemish removing will cause your skin to lose moisture, moisture which you will need to get back before you start your day (unless being dryer than the Sahara desert is your thing). Skin hydration is important and the Bulldog original moisturiser, will ensure your skin will return to its former soft glory thanks to its contents of aloe vera, camelina oil and green tea.

We’re intending on keeping to this routine as part of our post workout regime and we hope that you will too.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHaving tried out the Bulldog products for some time now, we’re sure you will love them and their prices.

Bulldog original Shower Gel: £3.20

Bulldog Oil Control Face Scrub: £5

Bulldog Oil Control Blemish Targeter: £6

Bulldog Original Moisturiser: £6

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