Desktop Comfort with the Penclic C2 Mini Keyboard

And here we go with part two of or Penclic experience. Having enjoyed the delightful tension-free use of the Penclic Mouse, the guys behind the device thought it was only right to throw me their keyboard and put it to the RSI-free test.

I introduce to you all the Penclic C2 Mini Keyboard, created with the sole purpose of centralizing your work position, thanks to its deliberate small size design. What we mean by centralizing your work position is the C2 keyboard creates a better focus for the user in mind, whilst creating more desk space around you (thanks to its smaller size). Apart from its size, there are also other additional benefits about it.

Maketh-the-man-Anton-Welcome-Penclic-C2-Mini-KeyboardThe Body

The 5mm profile and ergonomic design around the Penclic C2 mini keyboard, works to decrease the level of strain put on our wrists and countering those long term effects of RSI.

From an aesthetic point of view, being as small as it is means you have less of an eyesore in the home/office, which is always a major bonus to anyone striving for the minimalism and Feng Shui within their habitat. The current desk situation at Casa Maketh and the office consists of a horrid bulky keyboard, which has now earned its rightful place in the corner of the desks, topped with a supreme layer of dust for garnish.

The Keys

The other thing easily noticed during the week of good testing, is it’s relatively quiet to touch keys. They’re not ninja silent admittedly but compared to the ancient relic keyboard we own OR actual keys in my laptop, there is most definitely a significant level of noise reduction in the C2 mini keyboard.

Maketh-the-man-Anton-Welcome-Penclic-C2-Mini-Keyboard-minimal-keysAnd with the quieter keys of the Penclic C2 mini keyboard, comes into play the immediate health factor for your wrists. Less heavy and loud strokes, results in less pressure being exerted by the user, giving you the ultimate lower level of stress and RSI that would come along with it. Plus sides as well is silence in your work…… As our current keyboard sounds like it’s about to explode, given the noisiness of the keys tapped.

The Weight

As mentioned earlier the current ancient relic we’ve had to use for so long, is a massive eye sore and must be destroyed. But along with its challenging appeal to the eye, is its unnecessary weight and rigidness.

Penclic C2 Mini Keyboard in Black Or White: £45.99

But no more with the Penclic C2 mini keyboard, as the word ‘mini’ doesn’t just emphasize its size. Weighing at a mere 22.7 grams (that’s right 22.7 grams to the milligram), this makes your C2 mini keyboard, the ultimate accessory to take with you whilst on the move.

The Penclic C2 mini keyboard is fortunately compatible with both PC’s and Macs, so there isn’t a worry of finding a way to adjust it to work with devices. It’s also in black as well as white, so it should hopefully still fit into your desk colour scheme (unless your computer is for some reason hot pink….)

Happy stress free typing gents.

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