Introducing the Huawei Watch 2

It has been so long since the rumours of the Huawei watch 2 spilled out of the tech grapevine, but at long last those rumours can finally be put to bed.

But finally our favourites Huawei release their highly anticipated new smartwatch; the Huawei watch 2 is here (rolls on the floor in excitement) and we’ve finally got our hands on one to take you through some of the new changes.

From multitudes of research into the smart watch market, the new watch 2 packs the connectivity capabilities of a smartphone, the look and feel of a premium watch and the sport-coach enthusiasm of Apollo Creed.

There are 3 versions of the Huawei watch 2 available to buy:

Sport Smartwatch: The sport smart watch is priced at £329, which is not too bad for an entry level smart watch.  But considerably well priced when you consider a certain fruit titled brand set their original basic model price at an insulting £349 (and it did nothing in comparison).

Sport Smartwatch 4G: Spend £50 more and you can get your hands on their 4G supported watch 2, which gives you the real freedom everyone desires in a smartwatch. The 4G Huawei watch 2 allows you to make calls and send messages, as well as reap the joys of its built in GPS chip, without the need of your phone anywhere near you.

Classic Titanium Grey: At a pricier £409 one will get all of the above, finished in a stainless steel casing with a ceramic bezel. A material used on a lot of luxury watches, the ceramic gives your new Huawei watch a protection 6 times harder than stainless steel, as well as being more resistant to abrasion. Ultimately meaning it looks and feels more like an actual movement timepiece.

So what besides the cool variations of the models stated above, there are many more interesting features that are now sitting in the Huawei Watch 2:


Many Faces

The joys of owning a digital smart watch means that you will be less likely to get bored of it, if it changes it face every so often. In the new Huawei Watch 2, that feature is still a key aspect, allowing you to swap around all the faces it has stored.

And if you eventually run out of those, there is room to download many more directly from the Google play store. So far my favourite watch face is the explorer face as it’s the closet to be an explorer I may be in this lifetime.



There is now an entire section of programs within the Huawei watch 2 that’s dedicated to anything and everything fitness, thanks to the multiple sensors packed into this technical timepiece.


Users will be able to work the advanced algorithms to provide fitness and health solutions whilst making workouts more efficient and meaningful. Another addition is the periodic exercise suggestions when stationary for long periods of time. In my former smartwatch lifetime, this was often the moment I stood like a plum, trying to deep lunge on the spot. But thankfully Huawei thought about this and provide an impactful, but subtle routine to do on the move.

Smarter experience

Little things like the find my phone feature, Android Pay and an improved intelligent speech recognition system are already making the Huawei Watch experience better for us. Find my phone pushes a ringtone to your phone to help you find it better, instead of a pulsing beep you have to keep pressing until you find it. And with android pay installed we can all move forward with paying on the go, without the need of your bank cards by your side.

And then the intelligent speech recognition system upgraded comes packed with multiple speakers, meaning when you say “ok Google” you will be heard loud and clear (without getting to the point of harking abuse to it).


The Huawei Watch 2 is available on Amazon, and if you hurry and buy soon, you’ll get your hands on a pair of Bluetooth headphones (worth £109). They’re  there for the first 500 buyers through the digital doors, so go get it before they fly!

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