Clarins Sun care is what you Need for the Holidays

Haven’t had the chance to discuss the special events happening for me this year, in particular the fact that I’m getting married. Not only am I lucky enough to be getting married to an absolute babe, but we’re both getting wedded in sunny Ibiza!

The new has taken everyone by storm and we’ve had nothing but an amazing response. Few of our amazing friends at Clarins caught wind of the news too and encouraged us to try out their Clarins sun care range for the guests coming to celebrate with us on the sunny Balearic Island.

With a sun care range as big as anything out there, we pulled up some of the ideal Clarins sun care options for our guest’s protection in the sun:

  • Clarins Sun Care oil Spray UVA 30 – There are different preferences of the types of sun care people prefer to use and with that in mind, we picked out the Clarins sun care oil spray. Designed to protect the body and hair, the UVA 30 protection is high enough with sun filters and extracts of gold cob, sycamore and aloe.
  • Clarins Sun Care Milk for Children UVA 50 – Kids need the most protection out of all of us, as they spend the most time running around in the sun. So to keep the nephew and nieces protected nonstop in Ibiza, we went for the 100% mineral sun care milk for children. In addition to its high UVA of 50, it’s also water resistant to look after the delicate and vulnerable skin of kids, no matter where they run off to.
  • Clarins Sun Care Wrinkle Control Cream for Face UVA 15 – Another factor of intense exposure to the sun, is the rapid impact it has on developing wrinkles. So for the people intending to keep that risk down to minimum, we’ve chosen the Clarins sun wrinkle control cream for the face. This gives you medium facial protection for the skin types in the crowd that are devilishly lucky enough to tan easily. It’s ideal for all skin types and is non-oily cream for a radiant, long lasting tan (without the long exposure to the direct sun).
  • Clarins Sun Care Milk-Lotion Spray UVA 20 – and last but not least comes the Clarins sun care milk-lotion spray. The alternative spray lotion with a UVA 15 with medium protection for sun sensitive skin, for those that aren’t too keen on the thicker, much higher factor lotions (not everyone wants the Australian level sun block). In addition to a lighter level of sun care protection, this lightweight spray is lightly fragranced with the milk promoting a more golden, natural looking tan (it’s also water-resistant too!).


Clarins have been excellent giving us a bit of guidance to protecting all our guests, of all ages. If you’re heading away somewhere hot and need that added protection, definitely check out the sun care pros that is Clarins sun care.

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