Train like a Monster with Monster ISport Hedphones

After last week Wednesday, I feel like my devotion to blogging has finally reached new levels. Have you ever woken yourself up at 5:30am, to get into the city for a 7am run? Well if you have then you know already how much willpower it takes and for that, I salute you.

Not many people can get me out of bed at unsocial hours, but Wednesday July 5th at 7am Monster managed to achieve this. Totally worth waking up for, as we got to hit the streets of London for a musical tour of London.

Won’t bore you with the distances and the number of stops we made, but I will hit you with some cool facts. But first let get into the main reason we were up so early, which was to try out the impressive Monster ISport range.

Having known the brand for a few years now Monster give us an overview of their ISport range, designed to provide the ultimate audio whilst giving you that comfort, style and safety measures needed when working out. Whatever your method of exercise is, Monster ISport have you covered.

4 new wireless models are added into their range, giving you that free movement we crave so much when running, cycling, lifting, jumping, etc (you get the idea).

ISport Achieve

The ISport Achieve are their entry level wireless headphones, which still pack all the Monster goodness in side, such as follows:

  • Durable and sweat proof
  • High sound isolation
  • Universal ear hook with multiple tips to customise for a perfect fit.
  • Low profile flat cable

Isport Intensity

We got to try out Monster’s ISport Intensity headphones during our rather humid 5k run through London and enjoyed them thoroughly. Among having hybrid noise isolation, (so you can exercise and still be able to hear what’s going on around you) the ISport Intensity also comes packed with:

  • Reflective cables for low-light visibility
  • 3-button universal ControlTalk™
  • 6 hours playback time
  • Micro USB charge point.

ISport Victory

The higher end of their in-ear wireless headphones range the victory headphones are sleeker, smaller, but still packing a punch in the sound department. The Monster ISport Victory headphones give you the following:

  • Premium smaller design
  • 2 sound-engineered Monster profiles (warm-up and Sport), to customise your workout experience.
  • Twisted reflective cables for low-light situations.
  • High sound isolation for high levels of concentration.

ISport Freedom v2

Now if you’re after the more premium end of the wireless sound revolution but not so keen on the in-ear life, then these bad boys are for you. Although we’ve not had the luxury yet to try these ourselves (come on Monster, we’re all anxiously awaiting to review!) their Freedom V2 are over the head headphones, but that’s not all they do. Our spec info shows they have as follows:

  • Dual sound profile (standard and turbo modes)
  • Built in mic with echo suppression
  • Durable and sweat proof
  • Link two devices to share music

Like I said we’ve not tried these out ourselves yet. But if the in-ear ISport headphones are anything to go by, their overhead equivalent should not disappoint us (we hope!).

To learn more about the Monster range, head on over to their Monster website.

On a side note, our musical tour of London’s iconic spots was the soul of the tour. So much so we couldn’t keep it to ourselves. So if you’re keen to learn more on the musical 5k run tour, take a look at the below whistle stop tours:

  • Allsop Place
  • Was here that all the early pop package tour began
  • Organised by promoter Arthur Howes
  • 11th Sept 1967 Paul McCartney decided that this was a good place for the Magical Mystery Tour would start from
    • Coach drove down the A30 to Virginia Water and picked up Lennon, Harrison and Ringo
  • Boston Place
  • Famous opening sequence to Beatles film ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ filmed here April 1964
  • Took place over two Sundays in April 1964
  • Marylebone Registry Office
  • Two of the Beatles were married here – one of them twice!
  • March 1969 Paul McCartney married Linda Eastman
  • April 1981 Ringo Starr married Barbara Rach which was the first time that the remaining three Beatles got together after the death of John Lennon
  • April 1997 Liam Gallagher married Patsi Kensit
  • October 2011 Paul McCartney married Nancy Shevell
  • 34 Montague Square
  • Ground floor and basement flat bought by Ringo Starr in 1965
  • First tenant was Paul McC who turned it into a recording studio – wrote Eleanor Rigby
  • Jimi Hendrix and his manager Chas Chandler moved in but were evicted for painting all the rooms black
  • 18th October 1968 Norman Pilcher and the Police raided the flat and found 219 grains of cannabis resin
    • Lennon delayed the police by demanding to read the warrant through the window
    • Tried to get Yoko to ring the lawyer but for some reason she rang the Apple offices in London
    • JL and Yoko appeared in court following day and released on bail until 28th Nov
    • Pleaded guilty and was fined £150 plus 50 guineas
    • Conviction was to give him years of difficulties with the US immigration – given green card to remain in USA on 27 July 1976
  • Bryanston Mews East
  • Mick Jagger had a basement flat at 13a from 1965-66
  • Lennon and McC would visit him there
  • Mandy Rice-Davies, the lady caught up in the profumo affair also lived on this street
  • 51 Great Cumberland Place
  • Madonna bought the six-storey eight bedroom house for £7mil in 2001
  • Cumberland Hotel
  • Jimi Hendrix occupied 507-508 of this hotel when he died on 18 September
  • Choked on his own vomit caused by an overdose of drugs taken at his girlfriends flat in Notting Hill
  • Buddy Holly also stayed here when he toured the UK in 1958


  • Dorchester Hotel
  • Beatles held parties after both film premiers for A Hard Days Night and Help here
  • John and Yoko met Alan Klein here for the first time leading Lennon to decide that Klein would represent ‘all his stuff’ from then on
  • Hilton Hotel
  • 24th August 1967 John, Paul and Ringo came to Hilton for a public lecture from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi – they would later devote themselves fully to his instruction
  • After leaving Pink Floyd, Syd Barrett lived in the Penthouse suite from 1972-1974 living off the band’s royalties
  • 1977 CBS held their annual conference, Elvis Costello, unsigned at the time, gave an impromptu gig while also plugging his Dingwalls gig that night. He was arrested but CBS execs went to the gig and he was signed later that year
  • 24 Chapel Street
  • Bought by Brian Epstein in December 1964 – he was found dead at this house on 27th August 1967 after an overdose
  • Three Month previously on 29th May 1967, the Beatles launched Sergeant Pepper from this house


  • Royal Albert Hall
  • Built in 1871 as tribute to Queen Victoria’s husband
  • 1918 Blake’s Jerusalem performed here for the first time
  • Beatles played in April 1963 for the BBC
  • Janis Joplin made her UK debut
  • Eric Clapton has played the venue every year since 1989

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