W Hotel Bogotá, Colombia Review

I have been travelling a lot recently, its one of my biggest passions and I love to see the world and everything it has to offer.  So on my latest trip I travelled to Latin American, and visited four different countries and lots of hotels.  In  Colombia I stayed at the rather fabulous W Hotel Bogota.This hotel is an imposing one. Standing tall at the foot of the Colombia forest, the black building stands out and oozes style.

I was picked up by the airport transfers team by a friendly local driver who promptly delivered me to the hotel. The entrance is a classy affair, with a large WELCOME sign and lovely smiley staff greeting you.

Onwards to my room, which was an open plan double with lots of mod cons.  The bed was massive, and very comfortable I have to say.

Rather strangely the toilet and shower overlooked the bed. Strange I say because if two people had been staying in this room then they would have to be VERY close and comfortable with watching each other sleep, pee, poo and shower.  But then again maybe some people would enjoy that!