Bar Diaries Vol 16 – Cuban Delights with Havana Club No7

Dear diary, there something that we must confess about last night…. We were encountered by what is known as the Cuban delights.

Relax folks this is not a breakdown into our deep, dark sins (like we even have some anyway), but more like the beginning of one of the biggest sensory overloads our palate has experienced in a while.

We spend an evening with the creators of the iconic Cuban dark rum Havana club at the city social, located in tower 42. Their head chef Jason Atherton is the man that makes it all happen, which completely explains why the menu is so incredible. For those not familiar with Jason Atherton, he is the brain behind the social company, a brand whose restaurants you’ve probably eaten at and not realised (Pollen street social, social eating house, Berners Tavern to name a few).

At the City Social the main man Jason Atherton partners up with Havana Club 7 to launch Cuban Delights, a desert experience of the senses (greatly helped put together by the acclaimed perfumer Cecile Zarokian).

Cuban delights is now on the city social menu, using the deserts in its serve to allow diners unlock a multitude of Cuban flavours, with the help of the aging process of the Havana club 7. Sobremesa is the heart and soul of this serving which embodies the moment in Cuban culture, where friends and family come together to share each other’s company.

Each of the Cuban Delights dishes are served with not only a measure of Havana Club 7, but additionally a full espresso (to truly embrace the moment of calm and conversation like the Parisian tradition of Café Gourmand) and a perfume blotter of Cecile’s Cuban Nights fragrance (it smells so amazing trust us!). All of this will happen within a short space of time, but will guarantee to give you moments that will last forever!

Cuban Delights is an intense desert experience, only available in London, So if you’re in the city and after something sweet and different from the usual, settle up your bill where you are and head for the Havana Club Cuban delights at City Social, based in Tower 42.

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