Fuel your mornings with Optimum Nutrition Breakfast Range

Breakfast is the most valuable meal of the day (well to us anyway), so it’s essential that we get the right breakfast in. Over the last 3 years I’ve become more of the 7am gym session goer, giving me the rest of the day to nail down the things I need to get done.

But usually post the gym my breakfast situation is either a scrabble for something substantial, or a nibble of a beat up banana, before rushing to my morning meetings. But a moment of hooray, for the desperate hunt to extinguish morning hunger will be no more.

Moving aside from the standard breakfast woes I’ve pursued for comfort in the new breakfast range from Optimum Nutrition, to give me a real protein fuelled start to the day.

As our choices of breakfast can vary from person to person, Optimum Nutrition have covered you all with a variety of breakfast options. So here’s the new breakfast range in its entirety and its nutrition value:


Protein Oats Flapjacks – Are you in need of breakfast on the go? Optimum Nutrition’s flapjack bars are the ideal way to get your post workout boost whilst continuing your commute. With 20 grams of premium protein, complex carbohydrates and fibre, you’ll be quickly throwing old breakfast bars, whilst asking yourself where these flapjacks have been all your life. Thanks to these flapjacks I have a nice addition to the as well as a better alternative to what I was eating before and feeling better about it too.

Protein Yoghurt Smoothie – Never even considered a smoothie for breakfast, but no time like the present. The joys of the Optimum Nutrition yoghurt smoothie is that it’s an ideal way to pack in more protein, with no added sugar too or blender needed (plus to flavours to choose from). Fortunately two glasses later, I can share that it doesn’t come with that dreaded sour protein rich taste you usually get with products like these from other brands, which is always a good start. And more importantly, when you’ve prepared and served up, you’ll also be pleased to see that it doesn’t look like clumpy goop.


Protein Pancake Mix – Optimum Nutrition clearly knew what my favourite kind of daily breakfast would be and thankfully, I can indulge in great amount without feeling so guilty.

Their protein pancake mix is a good formula that only requires you to add in water to get things started. Slap them in the pan for a really good protein-rich breakfast every morning. Naturally pancakes are sweet and that is what most people admire about them. So have no fear as Optimum Nutrition’s pancakes still have that decent taste that makes you crave pancakes so much.


And last but not least the Pro Oats protein porridge. As the weather begins to get colder and the day light begins to get shorter, we’re all going to gravitate to porridge for breakfast (I know I will). So once you start to why not go for the more protein rich approach? With Optimum Nutrition protein oats it’s quick, it’s tasty and healthier than your usual oats, so why wouldn’t we jump on it.


Optimum Nutrition breakfast range is great and worth adding to your daily protein regime. If you’re keen on stocking up, head over to the Optimum Nutrition website to browse the selection.



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