October Skincare Line Up from MMUK Man

It’s us again with another skincare and grooming special that we wanted to share with you for October (Can you believe that it’s October already! Having finally got married and back into our autumnal city, it’s time to prepare the skin for the harsh weathers that await us.

I’ve teamed up with the skincare and makeup brand MMUK Man who are known for their wide range of makeup, but also for men and skincare products. Whilst we’re not ones to use make up, we’re certainly big on our skincare products. So after a good shop around below I’m going to give you a quick line up of the skincare products I’ve picked up and will be using this autumn.

Bulldog Skincare

You would’ve seen me rave about these guys quite often and for very good reasons, so it only makes sense that MMUK Man have catalogued them too. After using bulldog skincare for over a year now, I’ve seen a significant difference in the texture and cleanliness of my skin.

This is one of those few brands out there that I can say I’m a major fan of. When you realise the level of quality in their range as well as factoring in their good price points, bulldog is one of those brands I’ll be using on my face for a while. To get yourself started on the bulldog regime, I just started with their exfoliating face scrub and original moisturiser, to restore hydration. You cannot go wrong folks.


There are so many exfoliators out there and depending on your needs, there are some soft and very course versions out there.

Two I’ve picked up on MMUK Man and given a go lately were their own branded face polish Clarins Men Exfoliating cleanser. The Clarins cleanser I’ve used before after having one of their beauty treatment afternoons and have been converted immediately. It’s tough enough to feel a good scrub, whilst not tearing your face off. You do feel a whole lot fresher after application so definitely one to consider, with a reasonable price point too.


But then I gave the MMUK Man face polish a go this week first and the results were definitely worth noting down. You should never judge a book by its cover, as I have learned. Nice and coarse mixture for the skin, which is perfect to take out all of those impurities from the day.


L’Oréal Men Expert

I’ve been meaning to try this for a while (thanks MMUK man). L’Oréal really put the work in with their Hydra energetic moisturiser, bringing all men of today the major moisturiser, to keep the skin always at its best. The five signs of aging is the foundation to what its ingredients target, whilst giving you instant smoothness and looking fresher for longer.



The best bit about this gig is discovering new brands with impressive product. Among having various established skincare brands in their catalogue, MMUK also provide their very own skincare range too.

First thing to point out is how snazzy their packaging looks! The kind of bottles that make you deliberately leave them out for your guests to see. But this isn’t their tactic to disguise a mediocre formula, for their actual product is impressive on the inside as it is on the outside.

Having only used toners twice now (the first one was Clarins) the MMUK Man botanical toner equivalent is a very good blend, at a lower price than Clarins mighty formula. Your skin will feel cleaner than a brand new worktop, and firmer than a baby’s face!

For all of you hydration folks out there take a good read, because I’ve found yet another good moisturiser in the market. Expected that a brand who do good makeup, would be coming up with a moisturiser that fits its reputation. IT’S NOT OILY to start off (thank goodness), which is always the downfall of other brands, but their Mango hydrating face cream also leaves you feeling more matted and smelling of something attractive.


So there are my favourite picks from MMUK Man wide range of skincare. There’s much more than this available to select from online, which will fulfil all of your grooming and skincare needs. So whether its face scrubs, toners, hydration creams or eye serums, check out skincare page to make your grooming regime spot on (pun intended).




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