Sort out your teeth with the new Uber Sonic Toothbrush

If you are like me time precious, and aware that you should take more care of your body but sometimes struggle with finding the time, then the clever peeps at Uber Sonic have a solution for you.  Not only can they deliver a beautiful sonic toothbrush straight to your front door, but they also have a subscription service that every 2 months sends you new toothbrush heads.

Its a simple idea, but its often the simple ones that are the best.  For those in the know, its very important to keep your electronic toothbrush heads clean and in top condition.  By sending you replacement heads, it reminds you of this and keeps your toothbrush as good as new.

Not only that, they include a teeth whitening kit to kick start your new oral regime.

So everything you need comes in one handy kit, from the world’s first anodised aluminium electric toothbrush, to the heads, charging station and carry case.  Its one delivery that you need in  your life, so head over to Uber Sonic now and join the club.