Gift hampers from Harvey Nichols

It is a very exciting day, I have received a Harvey Nichols Gift Hamper full of good stuff.  It was only the other day that I mentioned to my wife that we don’t own any hampers, and that we should think about getting one.  Perhaps even getting a Christmas hamper full of food and drink.  Now that would be a nice present to ourselves I thought.

And then the Christmas hamper of wonders turned up on our doorstep from the lovely folks at Harvey Nichols.  It was like we had cosmic ordered it straight to our front door.

The basket itself is substantial.  A beautiful black woven basket, with black leather buckles and a black cloth interior.  It was perfect!

I was surprised by how much the hamper had inside it. It was jammed full of an array of tasty treats including:

  • Harvey Nichols Sauvignon Blanc
  • Harvey Nichols Prosecco
  • Harvey Nichols vodka and gin bottles (plus bottles of tonic)
  • Harvey Nichols metal straws (glad to see there is no plastic here!)
  • Harvey Nichols Mixed Whole Olives
  • Harvey Nichols Pates
  • Harvey Nichols Chutneys
  • Harvey Nichols Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar
  • Harvey Nichols Roasted Almonds and Cashew Nuts
  • The list goes on….

It was like being a kid again digging into my first Christmas stocking.  As I found more and more delicious product, my smile grew bigger and bigger.  This really was the perfect Party Hamper for those Winter nights when friends and family gather around the table.  So thats exactly what I did.  Picked up the phone, friends came round and we enjoyed every last bite and drop that the hamper had to offer up.

Now whilst the perishable product may have gone, we were left with the beautiful hamper, which is on display in our house awaiting its summer outing to the park for a picnic.

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