M Wine Store Opens their wine bar in Victoria

Nothing better than ending a long day at the office (whichever office this may be), to a glass of wine and some conversation. And if you’re like me sometimes these little happy moments in life, cannot wait until after the end of your boring commute home.

The bar life in London helps to mitigate this challenge in life, especially when there’s an abundance of train delays on the horizon. But if you’re into your good wines, then the M wine store is the place worth treating your palate to.

If you’re not aware of M wine store, then allow me to shed a little bit of light. The M brand is a creation of former Gaucho supreme Martin Williams, who’s won the M wine store multiple awards for their excellence in the industry.

The M wine store in Victoria has expanded further to incorporate a new wine bar, offering wandering Londoners the largest collection of wines you can find, now by the glass. Picture a pit stop haven where all the wines you lust in one place, before hopping on the long train home.

Former sommelier of Sketch; Lenart Cernelic oversees M wine store newest setup, at the service of all who seek his wealth of knowledge to help pick their wine of the night.

My favourite feature is their upstairs machinery (I say this in the lightest, most romantic sense), which lets you swipe and have a glass at the flick of a finger. And then there is tasting slots….

Friday’s are the best days in general. End of the long working week, weekend on the horizon and a few social drinks are potentially on the cards. Why not jazz up the end of week drinks, with a complimentary tasting session from M Wine Store. Every hour between 5-7pm get cultivated in the art of the sommelier and find out what really makes your palate tick.

Tasty snacks on hand, amazing wines and strong wine tasting insight from M wine store, what more could you want? If this is your idea of a splendid Friday evening, you’ll find the M wine store located on 74 Victoria Street. Get in touch for bookings on winestore@mrestaurants.co.uk (let them know Team Maketh gave you the heads up!).

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