Slendertone: It’s not the gimmick we presumed it to be

Slightly off topic for us, but as men keen on fitness and health, it was something worth diving into. We recently went for breakfast with the Slendertone team, to get a better understanding into how the notorious

One of my personal goals over the last couple of years has been to improve my level of core strength, as it has some impressive advantages to your day to day life.

The Slendertone technology sparked my curiosity, as the science behind it is more impressive than some of us actually realise.

The abdominal muscles can be broken down into several key areas;

  • Transversus abdominis: the deeper muscle layer, with the key role of stabilising the trunk.
  • Rectus abdominis: commonly known as the six pack, given you the outer strength & definition.
  • External oblique muscles: Located on each side of the rectus abdominis, allowing the trunk to twist successfully.
  • Internal oblique muscles: Operating in the opposite way of the external obliques, helping us to effectively bend our bodies.

What I’ve been told is that Slendertone is the only one out there, that can work on all 4 abdominal muscles in one (something they’ve patented to enforce their guarantee). And in the grand scheme of things, this will allow you to further improve your posture and stability, something to me is more important the older I get.

This only further spurred on the motive to give this a go and see what results I get out on the other side.

The recommendation from the Slendertone team is a good 30 minutes use from their band, which equates to 202 abdominals for each of your muscles. After a course of 4-6 weeks on a daily basis, the results on the abs should start to become evident.


After a long couple months of comfort food there was a much-needed test to go through and with surprise, there was an evident sign of progression coming through.


So given my slight improvement do it recommend this, I would say yes it gives a good boost but so would more hard work I the gym. But for those that are not regularly active in the fitness realms, the Slendertone kit is a great way to give you a serious boost whilst you focus on other areas.

Their Slendertone connect abs comes with a remote piece, which connects to the toning band.packed with a bluetooth radio, it allows the user to connect to the slendetone band via their smartphones for better mobile conrol.

At the not so cheap price of £179.99 the Slendertone Connect will see your abs strengthened and toned from 4 weeks, as clinically proven by the brand. When you think about it that’s effectively a 5 month gym fee at Fitness, only you’re not being nagged by a PT or annoyed by the no neck juice heads.

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