Exploring the beaches of Northern Ibiza

On my latest Ibiza trip I decided to get more adventurous and explore the beaches in the north of the island.  Hiring a car from the hotel, I took off with my map and skimmed the coast whilst looking for the ‘Playa’ (beach) signs.  First up was Cala Xarraca which is a beautiful bay surrounded by greenery and jagged coastline.  This keeps it a well kept secret from all but the locals, but I may have let the cat out of the bag now.  I’ve even heard that if you time it right, the sun is high and the sea retreated there is a small natural mud bath that you can roll about it.  I didn’t see it, but it wasn’t the right conditions so something to look out for should you visit. Further along from Cala Xarraca you will find lots of little coves with food shacks.  They are often filled with local fishermen enjoying their catch of the day, or the rich folks fresh off their private boats. This one is was called Cala Xuclar, and whilst I didn’t stay long here I will never forget it.  The entrance to the cove is down a very step sandy road.  Going down isn’t the problem, but if you have a small rental car going back up it is almost impossible.  I almost broke the engine doing so, but thankfully with the help of some locals I made it.Off the beaten track and down a cliff road, you will come across Cala d’en Serra.  This is a larger bay, with looming cliffs and gorgeous blue water.  Its very sheltered, and there isn’t much to do when you get down from the road so make sure and bring a picnic.Cala Leña beach is another to explore for the simple fact that each day there is tango dancing on the beach.  Excuse my terrible photos of the couples dancing, the sea splashed my camera!As it was well over due for some late lunch tapas, we headed to a slightly more built up beach Cala de San Vicente.  Here it is busier with families and some kids enjoying the sandy beach and local beachside restaurants.  A quick bite to eat for us, as our main evening beach destination was across the other side of the island. Heading for a Playa de Benirras along the pine tree filled roads was exciting.  The beach is famous for its hippie connections and the Ibiza vibes they have created since the early 70s.  Each evening the local hippies gather to play drums and watch the sun set.  As the sun gets lower and lower, the drummers get fast and faster.  The atmosphere is fantastic!  More and more hippies join the drumming through-out, and more on-lookers watch in admiration of the rhythmic beats and sun kissed clear sea water.The whole experience is magical, and makes you recognise why all those years ago people were drawn to the island and its Balearic charms. 

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