Light Post Gym Snack in Optimum Nutrition’s Whipped Bites

It’s no secret that we love the gym ever so much. And with a higher frequency of gym training and the intensity that comes within that, comes one’s great hunt for big sustenance. As nice as nuts and raisins are, they can only satisfy you for so long, before you’ve had it and leap for the nearest chocolate bar (or bars in my instance).

But there is always a better way to satisfy the great hunger, before wolfing down a great big plate of roast chicken, or a finely grilled steak. Which lead me graciously into our new discovery from Optimum Nutrition, which they’re calling their whipped bites.

Now protein fuelled candy bars are no new ventures for the guys at Optimum Nutrition, nor is it a secret to any of the gym bunnies that inhale a bar or two either. But the REAL challenge most of us lovers of protein bars face regularly is the density in the bars we’re stocking up on. Some of you may enjoy this, but a lot of us (including the ladies here) find it a little too much to handle and need something a little friendlier to the teeth and gums.

Optimum Nutrition have come to the rescue on this issue with their new whipped bites, a protein snack that still ticks the box in terms of nutritional value (without tasting like rubbery or like pure bland whey). These protein whipped bites as far as I’m aware, are the first of their kind to offer us the right amount of protein (20 grams to be exact), fibre and no added sugar.

And to add to their nutritional value comes the whipped bites rather smooth and soft texture, something your usual protein snack bar doesn’t deliver. They divided into two pieces, which means less mess and easier portions. Which is rather ideal for me as I cannot help but make an utter mess every time I get snacking on my bars.


These new Whipped bites from Optimum Nutrition are pretty flavoursome and packed with all your protein goodness. You will find them in a variety of flavours (chocolate, salted caramel and strawberry & cream). To get yourself stocked up, head on over to Argos.

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