Bulldog Launches its First Original Bamboo Razor

It’s finally happened! Bulldog have finally dropped something, which we all sensed was bound to come inevitably. For the first time in their long and successful time on the market, Bulldog announced last week their plans to hit the market with their very own Bamboo Razor (their own spin on the traditional razor).

For years and years most of us have gravitated to those familiar brands that have been top of the food chain for years and years. All of which have continued to deliver their rendition of ‘the sharpest razor yet’ which has become the same old story now for a while.

Sustainability has been a real big thing for the team at Bulldog, from sourcing their ingredients naturally, to minimising their carbon footprint in their production. Bulldog have taken an alternative approach keeping the same principles of the usual 5-blade razor, but making their most ethical Original Bamboo Razor.

The Bulldog Bamboo Razor Blade breaks down into four pieces; the brushed metal head, water resistant bamboo handle, locking screw (to remove and replace the handle and the tempered blades.

A blade made from five tempered steel blades, will ensure you get the closest shave you need. But the bit I love most is the lubricating strip with Aloe Vera, ideal for those whose faces need that added soothing post shave.

I’ve given the Bulldog Bamboo Razor its first run before heading into the office. My facial hair is rather course, so going for the clean shave has always been my biggest irritation (pun intended). I must say the first test run has made me realise that there’s still hope for the world of razor blades yet. Waking up to a face that doesn’t look like a dried-out cactus in the Nevada desert, is probably more rewarding than any the 9am coffee run.

I love that Bulldog continue their journey with exciting, innovative and ethical products. Their new Bamboo Razor is yet again another example of how they aim to do better in the skincare and grooming world.

The new Bulldog Bamboo Razor will be hitting the shelves of boots nationwide from August 2018, priced at a reasonable £12 apiece. Slightly cheaper than the razors from the likes of Harry’s. Keeps your eyes peeled, they’ll be gone before you know it.

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