American Crew Acumen at The Ivy

I was invited down to The Ivy lately to celebrate the launch of American Crew Acumen, the new grooming range for men. The prestigious line of grooming and skincare products are formulated exclusively for men, who have very specific issues and needs due to their male hormone levels, such as oily skin, thick skin, large pores, sweating and ageing. It  contains a proprietary AC ACUMENTM COMPLEX, featuring Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E bounded for superior performance and visible results.

The brand was launching the first “regime focused” line of luxury products for men’s Shower, Shave, Care and Style and I couldn’t wait to try them.
The brand had taken over a private room at The Ivy and decorated it especially for the event.  Product was circulating the room and all the guests got to try them out. There were lots of “oooohs” and “ahhhhhs” as guests smelt the product.  Well it does smell delicious!

We took our seats around the table and David Raccuglia, founder of American Crew told us “As the ‘Official Supplier to Men,’ we hope to inspire men to groom with confidence each day”.  The setting was certainly impressive and what followed even more so.

We were presented with a personalised Aspinal of London washing bag full of product.  A lovely gift to start the evening.  Then followed a whisky tasting from the bar tenders, before the food started to flow.

Clearly I was very funny on the night!

Perhaps I wasn’t so chipper towards the end of the night, but we had tried lots of whisky, then wine and I was full of food.  But lesson learnt, never lean like this when the officially cameraman is around.

Products from the ACUMEN line range from £18-£42 and are available now exclusively at Selfridges.