Nothing Beats The Books Plus Beer Subscription

I mean generally I often have a beer in hand, as nothing beats a bit of beer in a social environment. But even when you’re in a less social environment having a beer is still not a bad thing.

Recently we were approached by the newly discovered brand Books plus beer, a team dedicated to encouraging us to get some downtime and enjoy a beer or two while you’re at it. Seems simple enough to do, right? Yet generally we often find ourselves (myself especially) never finding the time to just sit back, unwind and recharge those human batteries of ours.

Which swiftly brings me onto what Books plus Beer is all about. From speaking to the team about this the idea of self-care, often seems to only gravitate towards women and less towards men. There is often a stigma with men around working towards self-care, which is probably driven by bravado and fear of being seen to be weak. But sometimes something as simple as doing some Yoga, or sitting down to a good book and beer, can make all the difference to ones state of mind.

Books plus Beer does exactly what it says on the tin, provide a good book and a couple beers to enjoy whilst tuning off from the world around you. The aim of the game is a monthly subscription box, containing brilliant books and a couple of fine craft beers to enjoy the read with.

And you the lucky customers must do only a few things. Select your preferred genre to read on the Books plus Beer website (whether it be non-fiction, or crime) as well as your preference in beers too. The team at Books plus Beer say what you will receive book-wise, will aim to expand your mind and learn new things. All books are recently published, so it will be highly unlikely you will get something you’ve read before (opportunity to prove wrong if you do). And being selected by a well-read team they have in-house, it may be difficult to be proven incorrect on their promise.

And as for the beers you get in your monthly care package. Books plus Beer will provide some interesting cans or bottles, selected from new or upcoming breweries in the industry. And fear not its not a complete mixed bag that they pick two from. The beers in question are picked to suit most palates out there, thrown in with tasting notes and recipe suggestions too (plus a curated soundtrack) all to add to the ultimate chill session pending.

And just when I thought Books plus Beer couldn’t get any more awesome an idea, we were then informed of how each subscription box, sees 50p of the value go towards the cause of the well admired charity CALM. This is a charity that we at Maketh-the-Man are very fond of and have supported numerous times. So for Books plus Beer to be partnering with such a great brand, only throws them deeper into the loving circle of brands with a conscience. Bravo Books plus Beer, bravo. We look forward to getting our chill on and sitting back to a good read and two great tasting beers.

Your Books plus Beer subscription service will cost you £10 a month to be on board (that’s the same price as one over priced cocktail in a pretentious bar, or a few pints in the local pub). And with that £10 a month you commit in, we hope that you will gain a better moment to break away from the warzone around you, whilst thinking about the ingredients of the beers you’re tasting.

To sign yourself up, head on over to the Books plus Beer website now and enjoy!

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