Seeing is believing with the BenQ ScreenBar

We’re in the surge of the digital age, where we see technology evolving faster than a level 40 Charmeleon stuffed with rare candy. And with our fast lane approach to our technological lifestyle comes the other side to it all, our technological wellbeing.

With the usage of so many more screens, we run the risk of further straining our eyes overtime. And since we only have one pair, we have to do our best to look after them. Given the nature of what we get up to at Maketh-the-Man, we’re often behind the desks and in need of the necessary light to keep the posts coming. BenQ must have read our minds as they recently sent us over their BenQ ScreenBar for us to review.

So the brand BenQ (which is short for Brining Enjoyment N Quality to life), are more of a corporation than a company in the sense of size. They specialise in consumer electricals, computing and communication technology. We know them mostly for their consumer technology, such as their monitors and now their ScreenBar.

The BenQ Screenbar is their revolutionary lighting system designed to do its job, whilst not consuming workspace in the process. From an assembly perspective it’s as simple as can be. It hangs on the top of your monitor, which is an immediate space saver.

The Spec:

What makes this BenQ ScreenBar so cool are several elements, all added in the interest of helping us see better when reading our screens at night (or in any darker situations):

  • Ambient sensor: BenQ have built one of these into the ScreenBar monitoring the light levels around you. When the light levels change, the ScreenBar automatically adjusts its brightness to suitable levels.
  • Touch controls: At the top of the ScreenBar, are several touch panel buttons designed to control the various operations of the ScreenBar, like its brightness levels.
  • Glare Free: it’s a light by nature but it’s not going to blind you senseless when using it. This is driven by its asymmetrical design, that only illuminates the desk in use and
  • Adjustable colour temperature: With it naturally being a light, there are different controls to further give your eyes the care it needs whilst behind the screen, switching from warmer (to rest your eyes) coolers lights to get back to working efficiency.

The BenQ ScreenBar is another shining example of how effective their technology really is, to our everyday lives. Yet again we cannot recommend enough, how great a product this is. It does what it says on the tin, with no funny surprises. So if you’re after something that will keep you’re eyes refreshed while you work, check Amazon to get the BenQ ScreenBar.

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