Donald Russell Butcher Christmas Turkey

Christmas lunch is one of my all time favourite meals.  It is essentially an amazing Sunday Roast, but with the addition of sprouts and Christmas Crackers. The turkey is so important to get right, so when I found out that my favourite Scottish butcher, Donald Russell, had made a slow cooked turkey crown with gravy I had to find out more.
The clever peeps at Donald Russell have already prepared the turkey crown by slow cooking it delicious gravy.  So when it arrived, all I had to do was empty the contents in a pan, stick in the oven and leave for an hour.
The finished result was very tasty.  The turkey was perfectly moist, and one of the best I had ever tasted.  There was enough meat for 3-4 portions, or for 2 people that just love seconds.

When roasting meat, I find this handy thermometer to come in very handy.  I originally bought it for my Weber BBQ, but now use it for most dishes to make sure the meat is fully cooked through.