Motivation Matters and Zelo knows it

In a world full of the heavier workloads and the usual multiple social pressures that 2018 brings to us, it’s time to make amends and keep ourselves in balance.

The companies we work for wish to work us until they break us, and social media wishes to remind us sometimes how insignificant we are in society. But for us to prevail in today’s world, we need to give ourselves the push before anyone else does.

We came across a new name Zelo, a brand that is in the game of understanding how important it is to give ourselves more motivation in life. Their way of approaching this matter is through their new Zelo journal, a journal designed to provide added structure for our productivity.

The Zelo journal is not about pushing you towards deep methods of meditation or starting yoga classes in the middle of Mumbai, India. This is more about the little reminders that help you build your motivation much further. From little things like listing three goals to achieve in 6 months, to what will make you feel fulfilled next week.

We’re big supporters of the moving trend to help our fellow man maintain good mental health and having started using the journal myself, its nice to have a message to give me that reminder about keeping track of my goals in life.

The Zelo team have put together a Kickstarter to get the Zelo journal on into full-scale work. Now that they have achieved their pledge goals, you can expect to see some of these goal igniting journals coming into circulation soon.

To get yourself on board with Zelo head on over to their Kickstarter page, where you will be able to pre order the Zelo journal for yourself.